DC one Med Spa PHUKET
DC one The Dental Clinic Bangkok
WannaBITE Snack and Coffee Bar
DC one The Dental Clinic Phuket
DC one Dental Clinic is closed temporarily for renovation. All our dentists now practice at Tooth Therapy Dental Clinic, a new clinic nearby):-

Bangkok T: 02 287 2155, Email: info@tooth-therapy.com
Phuket T: 076 238 959, Email: infopk@tooth-therapy.com

We’ve arranged patient referral with Tooth Therapy and will transfer your records and x-rays there upon request. Please contact Tooth Therapy for appointment.

Should you prefer going to other dental practices where we do not have referral arrangement and wish to receive your dental records, please notify us and we will prepare for your collection or send to you by email.

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